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Spititual science

Spititual science

18/5/2007 - Childish stubborness

Proves , We all want proves. We don´t want to believe what masters tell us unless there are proves as if reality was only what we can see and touch, if it was true then we would be out of reality as soon as we close our eyes or a blind person would then live out reality or we would then scape from reality as go to bed and fall asleep.
Reality takes place in our own minds.
Proves, we all want proves, we don´t want to believe what masters tell us, neither do we want to try it by ourselfs cause to see proves is the only thing we want.

Why don´t we take happiness as the only valuable prove and stop once and for all behaving like childish stubborn children when faced with the messages of wisdom that masters want to tell us.

Science has already proven that wanting to unravel the infinite small turns out to be treaky when the observer comes to play.
As it is above so it is below and just the same manner as it is below so it is above. So then the laws applied to the infinite small are also applied to the infinite big.

The dimensions above us is not such a thing that masters can demostrate to satisfy the childish curiosity of the crowd.

Sometimes we just have to take things for granted shut our mouths and respect it unless we come up with something that demostrates the contrary. Because laughing of those things that we don´t know or have not experienced is certainly  an completely unscientific approach.
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